Jessica Scheuerman, Executive Director,

Jessica Scheuerman is a placemaking consultant, nonprofit founder and writer. Her expertise includes the animation of public space, arts-based economic development within underutilized commercial districts, and the social and economic wellness of communities undergoing demographic change. In 2020, she founded the Omaha-based nonprofit Partners for Livable Omaha and serves as its executive director.

In 2010, Scheuerman began developing neighborhood-based placemaking projects aimed at transforming vacant retail spaces into cultural and commercial destinations in Washington, D.C. Scheuerman was vice president at Washington, D.C.-based Partners for Livable Communities, where she began her career in 2007. She has written extensively concerning creative responses to America’s aging crisis and published the comprehensive, how-to guide Mobilizing Arts and Cultural Resources for Community Development.

Scheuerman’s work has been supported by ArtPlace America, the D.C. Office of Planning, MetLife Foundation, Kresge Foundation, the National Endowment of the Arts, The Sherwood Foundation, and numerous Nebraska-based sponsors. She has a Master of Science in Urban Studies from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and a Certificate in Project Management from Georgetown University. 

Kaylea Kuhlman, Communications and Events Manager,

Kaylea Kuhlman is a Journalism and Media Communications graduate from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Her expertise is in social media and creative media production. Kuhlman manages the internal and external communications of Partners for Livable Omaha and helps in event production and planning.

James Schroeder, Production Manager,

James Schroeder is musician, composer, construction worker and live/studio sound engineer living in Omaha, Nebraska. He has worked with many artists on multiple recordings and live performances, touring across the country and abroad for 20 years. Schroeder oversees the Omaha Mobile Stage’s sound and tech production, functionality, and training interns.

Andee Scioli, Development Director

Andee Scioli is a lawyer, community volunteer, wife and mother. She graduated magna cum laude with honors and distinction from the University of Pennsylvania and cum laude from American University’s Washington College of Law.  She is of counsel at Kutak Rock LLP.